About Us

EverGreen WG Sdn Bhd (EG) was incorporated 5 years ago and has key business interest in modern farming.​
Our core business involves the usage of oil palm Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB) into a value added processed natural product, being organic fertilizer.
​ In line with technological advancements to the agriculture industry emphasizing on more natural and organic elements, EverGreen is always looking for ways to improve its processes. At this forefront, EverGreen is able to produce a far superior and matured organic fertilizer product. ​
Our product has vast potential in increasing nutrients into all aspects of agricultural produce and may become an acceptable organic agricultural standard with increasing production yields and more importantly increasing nutritional values.​
Today, apart from its core business of producing EFB fertilizer, Evergreen WG Sdn Bhd offers environmental friendly solutions for renewable energy products and sustainable ecological ventures.